20’s DELI

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20s DELI

20’s DELI (NIRE’s DELI) is a local burger joint located on Yamate Dori between Osaki station and Gotanda (find the red sign). The venue was basically empty when we entered (save for a guy smoking at the rear), a pity: their burgers are decent and deserve better. The menu selection is classic (cheese burger, avocado burger etc…). Besides the regular French fries (which could be better cooked) and the drink, the lunch set also includes an onion soup.
The first thing you notice when the burgers arrive is their height and the way they tower over your plates: they’re just tall! Then you notice the board on the wall explaining how you have to squeeze them to a more manageable size. Truth is the bulk of the burger actually comes from the condiments, lettuce and onions. And the bun, soft like a pillow, yields easily when you press it.
The burgers are OK. I enjoyed mine, even though the meat and cheese were a bit weak in taste. The abundant tartar sauce might also displease some (the burgers rely too much on it).
Still these are decent burgers, well ahead what you get in fast food chains.
Now, you might want to consider two other venues in the neighborhood: Kua Aina (5-min away) and the great 7025 Franklin Avenue (10min away).

20s DELI20s DELI

Website: http://20sdeli.com
Address in English: Tokyo-to Shinagawa-ku Osaki 5-7-14
Address in Japanese: 東京都 品川区大崎5-7-14

東京都 品川区大崎5-7-14