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Hi, my name is Leonard Mouillet.

My hobbies are writing and traveling.

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About this site

Food in Tokyo is amazing. I think everybody agrees on that.

Well, this is true with burgers too. Forget about fast food chains. Look deeper and you’ll quickly realize that Tokyo has some of the best burgers in the world: true gourmet burgers, refined and creative as befits Japan’s gastronomical heritage.

The burger menu in Tokyo is varied and rich. Just name it: Angus, Wagyu or Kobe beef, soft, griddled or bagel-like buns, a thousand different kinds of sauce, veggie burgers, shrimp burgers, sweet burgers, fat fries or string fries… the combinations and variations are limitless.

And while the burger boom the city is now experiencing is recent, some of the venues (Franklin Avenue, Homework’s) have in fact a long history.

Tokyo has so much to offer. The problem of course is to know where to start or what to look for. This is why I made this site.

I found more than a hundred independent burger venues during my research. The selection I made for this site is based on my personal taste. Those are the burgers I liked or found interesting. Some of you won’t agree with me on everything of course and some others will wonder why I didn’t mention their favorite hangouts. Don’t hesitate to write some comments if this is the case.

Still, I think you will find a good overview of the gourmet burger market place in Tokyo.

I hope you can find practical information and inspiration.

Read, eat and enjoy!