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There are three Bubby’s restaurants in Tokyo (and one in Yokohama). Part American-diner, part European-bistro, they serve a large choice of dishes and among them: burgers. The burgers are actually the most popular dishes at lunch time. They are cooked to order and good, even if they suffer from the same flaws we usually find in classic burgers: they’re a bit dry and unbalanced. Still, these are decent voluminous burgers that won’t disappoint you.
A special note on the French fries: they are particularly tasty (with a hint of herbs in the taste) and perfectly fried. Just Excellent!


Website: http://bubbys.jp
Bubby’s Ark Hills:
Address in English: Tokyo-to Minato-ku Akasaka 1-12-32 2F
Address in Japanese: 東京都港区赤坂1-12-32 2F


Bubby’s Yaechika:
Address in English: Tokyo-to Chuo-ku Yaesu 2-1
Address in Japanese: 東京都中央区八重2-1


Bubby’s Shiodome:
Address in English: Tokyo-to Minato-ku Higashi Shimbashi 1-5-2
Address in Japanese: 東京都港区東新橋 1-5-2

東京都港区東新橋 1-5-2