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An evocative name for a place filled with nostalgia. Furusato is located in Nishinaka Street (or “Monja Street”), the picturesque street in Tsukishima with all the monjayaki and okonomiyaki restaurants. This is the street where you expect (and actually see) people walking in kimonos. This is the street that gives you a glimpse of what medieval Japan must have looked like and yes, this is the last street in which you would expect to find a burger joint.
Furusato is actually located in a narrow backstreet (look for the sign board) and was first opened as a café 60 years ago. The owner recently made it into a burger joint but the place has kept its antic atmosphere.
The burgers are decent, even if they are not the best in town. They are simple, cooked to order and make a decent meal. The menu is on the classic side except for one item, the monjayaki-style burger (a cheese burger with a monjayaki flavor), a specialty you only find in Tsukishima.
In the end, Furusato is a nice place to have a burger and enjoy a retro atmosphere.


Address in English: Tokyo-to Chuo-ku Tsukishima 1-23-10
Address in Japanese: 東京都中央区月島1-23-10