Baker Bounce

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Baker Bounce

Baker Bounce looks like a fast food chain, with its colorful vanilla interior and its smooth logo but the comparison stops here. They only have 2 outlets for a start, one in Sangenjaya and one in Midtown, Roppongi. The burgers served are no fast-food burgers either. They’re decent, real burgers. Same story for the beer: it’s quite good. On top of the classic burgers they serve, they also try to innovate with season items and some experimentations of their own (ratatouille burger). You won’t find in Baker Bounce the same level of atmosphere as the other American diners in Roppongi (Suji’s, TGIF, Hardrock Café, Rigoletto…) but you’ll spend a nice time, in a calm atmosphere, with a good burger in hand.

Baker BounceBaker BounceBaker BounceBaker Bounce


Baker Bounce Sangenjaya:
Address in English: Tokyo-to Setagaya-ku Taishido 5-13-5
Address in Japanese: 東京都世田谷区太子堂5-13-5


Baker Bounce Roppongi:
Address in English: Tokyo-to Minato-ku Akasaka 9-7-4
Address in Japanese: 東京都港区赤坂9-7-4 D-B113

東京都港区赤坂9-7-4 D-B113