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Excellent classic burgers

As explained in the menu, FUNGO is the contraction of “FUN” and “GO”. It’s a place where it’s fun to go (and no, FUNGO has nothing to do with mushrooms as I first thought). This restaurant lives to its name (or rather, as it takes 20min from the nearest station, it’s really fun once you get there). The atmosphere is warm and the staff friendly. There is even a covered terrace outside. The menu is on the classic side and the burgers are good (no issue there) and voluminous. The ingredients are obviously carefully selected and the burgers are well made. You will be both fulfilled and glad you came. Note that they offer a large variety of sandwiches as well, both hot and cold. And if you ever have room for desert (which I doubt) you can try the yummy pies at the bakery just across the street.


Address in English: Tokyo-to Setagaya-ku Shimouma 1-40-10
Address in Japanese: 東京都世田谷区下馬1-40-10