Marubuchi Burger

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Marubuchi Burger

A bar at night (Enjoy House), it turns into a burger joint by day (Marubuchi Burger). They actually serve good burgers. The atmosphere feels really “underground” (even though we are on the 2nd floor with a nice view on Blacows, just across the street!). The style, with its décor, music and sofa is a fusion of Hippie-meet-punk-meet-your-old- dorm-room (if you know what I mean). You got the atmosphere; this is an authentic liberal and liberating hangout.
Their burger menu is quite rich, with about 10 items, and the burgers are well done and tasty. The cheddar cheese that I chose for my cheeseburger was excellent and, combined with a quality meat, gave me all the satisfaction I needed.
In the end, Marubuchi Burger is a good substitute to Blacows.
Note that, with three burger joints just in front of each other (Marubuchi Burger, Blacows and Soul Dressing) and a couple of others 5min away (Hollywood Burger, Gotham Grill), with Sasa burger just a bit farther and the newly opened Burger Mania branch in Ebisu, this area might well be (with Shibuya/Harajuku) the hottest spot in terms of Burgers in Tokyo. We might as well rename the street of Marubuchi and Blacows “Burger Street”!

Marubuchi BurgerMarubuchi BurgerMarubuchi BurgerMarubuchi BurgerMarubuchi BurgerMarubuchi BurgerMarubuchi Burger

Address in English: Tokyo-to Shibuya-ku Ebisu Nishi 2-9-9
Address in Japanese: 東京都渋谷区恵比寿西2-9-9