Jiyugaoka Burger

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Jiyugaoka Burger

As the name implies, this is THE burger joint of Jiyugaoka. If you’re in the neighbordhood and want a burger, this is the place to go. But beware; it’s so popular that it’s actually difficult to secure a seat (you can wait one hour in the week end). The burgers served are excellent. They are made from fresh ingredients and they’re big and tasty. The meat, 100% Japanese beef, is tasty. The bun, covered with sesame is also a delight. The melted cheese is wonderful.
A special comment on the side dish: the old-style homemade potatoes, although served in a small portion, are remarkable, and, cream of the crop, the lunch set comes with a sweet final touch: a strawberry. Add to that a nice terrace and you have an excellent burger joint, right in Jiyugaoka.

Jiyugaoka BurgerJiyugaoka BurgerJiyugaoka BurgerJiyugaoka BurgerJiyugaoka Burger

Website: http://jiyugaokaburger.com
Address in English: Tokyo-to Meguro-ku Jiyugaoka 1-3-15
Address in Japanese: 東京都目黒区自由が丘1-3-15