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Jackson Hole

First the atmosphere of the place: the whole venue is decorated as a wooden mountain-house (the kind you find in ski resorts) with a bar in it. There’s even a gondola and some skis inside. A perfect tribute to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.
Then the location: to go to Jackson Hole from Chofu station you have to go through a street decorated with “Gegege no Kitaro” (a popular manga) characters. The manga artist, Mizuki Shigeru once lived there. Jackson Hole itself is connected to the fiction world, having appeared in the popular series “Nana” (and, as the staff explained, even the owner was mentioned in the comic-book).
About the burgers now. Well, these are not premium burgers per se (and at 450 yen per item, you somehow know it beforehand). Still they are good high-end fast-food style burgers nonetheless. No complaint whatsoever about their taste.
Jackson Hole is an excellent hangout, especially in the evening with its student bar atmosphere.

Jackson HoleJackson HoleJackson HoleJackson HoleJackson Hole

Website: http://gourmet.chofu.com/jacsonhole/
Address in English: Tokyo-to Chofu-shi Fuda 1-3-1
Address in Japanese: 東京都調布市布田1-3-1