Franklin Avenue

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Franklin Avenue

Premium Burgers!

If you ever wondered what “Premium Burger” meant then come to 7025 Franklin Avenue and find out. You’ll enjoy some of the best burgers in town. Located in Shimazuyama, the fancy area between Gotanda and Takanawa, this is perhaps the most “up-market” of all the burger joints (I’m not counting the hotel burgers and their sometimes crazy price tags). Here they keep prices realistic (less than 2,000 yen a meal).
Franklin Avenue feels more like a regular restaurant than a burger joint. The burgers however, are sublime. You’ll find all your classic items with a premium quality. Franklin Avenue has pleased its customers for more than 20 years, a fit considering how recent the burger boom is in Japan.
It is one of our Top Burger venues.

Franklin AvenueFranklin AvenueFranklin AvenueFranklin AvenueFranklin Avenue

Address in English: Tokyo-to Shinagawa-ku Higashi Gotanda 3-15-18
Address in Japanese: 東京都品川区東五反田3-15-18